About Us

Pioneers of STEM and Educational Toys

Scientoyfic is Pakistan's first e-commerce store providing innovative STEM and Educational toys for your kids. We aim to revolutionize how children experience learning through thoughtfully designed, hands-on play experiences.

Unlike regular toys, our each Toy is purposefully designed to keep the kids engaged and provide multi-sensory lessons about scientific principles like physics, chemistry, and math. As the kids play with out toys, different learning concepts click into their minds in fun and exciting ways.

Promoting Joyful Learning Through Play

For parents in Pakistan, finding quality toys that truly educate and engage children was almost impossible. Traditional toys are entertaining but lack any real learning value. The unavailability of such Educational toys inspired the creation of Scientoyfic.

Interactive Learning with Videos

What truly sets Scientoyfic apart is our commitment to provide fun and enjoyable learning experience with each toy. We produce exclusive video guides that thoroughly explain the academic concepts behind how each toy operates. These lively video lessons explain complex ideas through fun visuals, relatable examples, and easy-to-understand language. Children can grasp complicated STEM topics through entertaining guided experiences.

Unlocking kids Potential Through Play

By innovating the way toys and educational video content come together, we nurture creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving skills in your kids from an early age. Children don't just mindlessly play but they interact with real-world applications that turn tough educational subjects into delightful experiences. Our toys are not just objects to play with, but they cultivate a genuine passion for learning in Kids. We're committed to ending the myth that academics must be boring and dreadful for kids.

Inspiring Young Minds in Pakistan

As Pakistan's first and only source for STEM and Educational toys, Scientoyfic is driving a new era of joyful, engaging education through the power of play. Explore our carefully crafted collection of STEM and Educational Toys designed to unleash your child's innate curiosity and love of learning. Explore our range of joyful and innovative STEM toys that will inspire the next generation of problem solvers and innovators in Pakistan.