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1200x Microscope

1200x Microscope

Age 5+
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Explore the microscopic world with 1200x zoom, 12 pre made slides, DIY slide making supplies, and a mobile attachment. Detailed videos explain the science behind this microscope.

What's in the box?

• 1200x Microscope Toy
• 12x Prepared Slides
• 1x Mobile Holder
• 2x Specimen Containers
• 1x Specimen Box
• 1x Tweezers
• 5x Preparable Slides
• 2X AA Batteries

Learn & Grow

• Develop fine motor skills through specimen preparation.
• Fosters analytical thinking and observational skills by examining and comparing different slides.
• Cultivates curiosity about the microscopic world.
• Encourages hands-on learning in biology/botany.

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How Scientoyfic Works
Scan the QR code in the box to unlock a fun Youtube video.
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Watch the video and learn to asssemble & play with the toy
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Discover the science behind the toy and learn in a fun way
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Unlock Your Kid's Potential
Ignite curiosity
Develop Observation Skills
Enhance Motor skills
Concepts for Young Minds
Principles of Optics
Rack and Pinion Mechanism
Method of Microscopy

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Which specimens or materials can be seen in the microscope?

Anything small enough and prepared according to video instructions.

Is it difficult for kids to prepare slides?

No, With provided video instructions the process is very easy.

Can kids operate this on their own?

Yes, kids can operate this with ease by following video instructions.

What are some examples of specimens?

Hairs, leaves, sand, etc are some examples of things that can be used as specimens.