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6 in 1 Chemistry Kit

6 in 1 Chemistry Kit

Age 9+
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Make glittery, magnetic slime, bouncy balls and more while exploring molecular bonding via video and learn polymer's role in slime creation.

What's in the box?

• 2x Slime Powder (12g each)
• 6x Bouncy Ball Powder (12g each)
• 1x Container
• 2x Mixing Sticks
• Glitter and Magnet
• Magnetic Powder
• Ball Moulds, Flashy Ball and Wobbly Eyes
• Dolphin Mould
• Pair of Gloves and Apron

Learn & Grow

• Develops fine motor skills during preparation of slime and balls.
• Promotes patience, focus, attention to detail through careful measurements.
• Develops problem-solving skills by troubleshooting slime making issues.
• Encourages creativity through experimenting with slime recipes.

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How Scientoyfic Works
Scan the QR code in the box to unlock a fun Youtube video.
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Watch the video and learn to asssemble & play with the toy
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Discover the science behind the toy and learn in a fun way
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Unlock Your Kid's Potential
Improve fine motor skills
Promote patience and focus
Develop problem-solving skills
Concepts for Young Minds
Behavior of PVA’s and Borax
Cross linking Reaction
Slime Creation process

Watch the Trailer


Are there any harmful materials in the kit?

No, it's materials are completely safe and non-toxic, meeting all the safety standards.

Is the slime or bouncy-ball making process messy?

The kit comes with gloves and an apron, so kids won't make a mess.

Can the bouncy balls and slime created be played with later?

Yes, they can be played with just like normal toys.

Are all necessary ingredients and tools included?

Yes, everything needed is included in the kit.

How many different items can kids create with this kit?

Kids can make 6 different items, each teaching something new.