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Weather Station

Weather Station

Age 7+
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Measure rainfall, wind, temperature with cool tools while growing plants. Learn the water cycle, evaporation, and weather through videos.

What's in the box?

• Rain gauge
• Anemometer
• Wind Vane
• 2x Thermometers
• Compass
• 4x Compressed Soil
• 1x Seed Packet

Learn & Grow

• Fosters critical thinking by observing, measuring, recording weather data.
• Encourages patience, responsibility in caring and monitoring plant growth.
• Develops analytical skills by monitoring plant growth in varying conditions.
• Facilitates learning about rainfall, wind speed/direction, temperature.

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How Scientoyfic Works
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Unlock Your Kid's Potential
Sharpen observation skills
Cultivate responsibility and patience
Boost critical thinking
Concepts for Young Minds
Components of Weather
Coriolis Effect
Water Cycle

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How long does it take for the plants to start growing?

Depending on conditions, it takes around 4 to 8 days for seeds to sprout.

Does it accurately measure weather conditions?

Yes, the measurements are accurate but may not be 100% accurate as it is just a toy.

Is it durable enough for outdoor use?

Yes, it is made of top-grade plastic, durable for any condition.

Is growing plants in it and using instruments easy?

Yes, growing plants and using instruments is explained thoroughly in the video.

Does this comes with the seeds included?

Yes, It includes a packet of bean seeds.